Million Dollar Baby One Sheet

Million Dollar Baby One sheet

I was working at Warner Bros. on a Saturday when I received a hand drawn note with instructions on where to get the images of Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman from previous movies and how to arrange them on the page. I collected the images and assembled them. I assumed this was a direct to

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Carl Reiner “I Just Remembered”

Carl Reiner I Just Remembered

For this latest installment of Carl Reiner’s newest autobiography “I Just Remembered,” Larry and I set up shop in Carl’s house as RANDOM CONTENT Publishing and began working closer with Carl than we ever had in the past. Watching Carl write the Laurel & Hardy bit in their voices was truly watching a genius at work.

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BOGART by Gina Nicole Logo Typefaces

BOGART by Gina Nicole

BOGART by Gina Nicole is a handbag fashion brand in Beverly Hills by Cheryl Bogart & Gina Nicole. The biggest thing they emphasized in the creative brief is that they wanted the brand to feel like CHANEL. During my research of CHANEL I kept responding strongly to BLEU DE CHANEL. I was very attracted to

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The Chin Doctor’s Rodeo Drive Windows

The Chin Doctor's Rodeo Drive Windows

Dr. Fariborz Farnad, aka The Chin Doctor, has two 84 inch circular windows on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills where he wanted to put images that represented his oral surgery practice as well as fitting in with the Rodeo Drive scene. My instinct was to go bold, because there is just so much competing for

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The Place Beyond The Pines Titles


These are a collection of The Place Beyond The Pines title treatments inspired by Ryan Gosling’s character, Luke. The bottom right version I made by combining the two fonts Laggtastic & Ergonome. The bottom middle font is Pagan Winter. The bottom left type is Blessed Day. And the two top treatments were made by doubling and

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OBLIVION Title Treatments

As much as I would like to make this title treatment so futuristic that it almost seems like a foreign language I know it needs an immediate read; meaning it had to be legible at a glance while speeding by on the side of a bus. Additional options below:

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+realtidbits branding


For the +realtidbits logo and brand images I wanted to keep the mark friendly and the photography authentic.  The real success of this project was that it enabled +realtidbits to see themselves differently.  They do not just see themselves as a tech company that handles online comments anymore. They see themselves as a brand aligned

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Goya’s Ghost


This was my delicate take on an otherwise heavy handed period piece. ROLE: Art Director / Designer

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SIRAH is a newly signed artist to Atlantic Records.  These mock-ups are for a presentation to sell her management on making an app. ROLE: Designer

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Jackass Ads

Print Layout 1

ROLE: Art Director / Designer

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Carl Reiner “I Remember Me”


Spending a few weeks with Carl Reiner to layout the interior of his book was a real treat.  The setup was this: we mirrored my monitor to one sitting on a coffee table in front of him.  Then we would sit for 5 hours at a time placing photographs from the 1920’s to the present

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Jackass Special Edition DVD


Leading up to the premier of Jackass 2, Paramount released a special edition DVD of the original Jackass movie that included a free ticket to see Jackass 2.

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Victoria’s Secret PINK


Ed Razek, the man responsible for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, spoke to us at a party after reaching $1B in sales in 2010. He said, “Only 2% of companies last seven years. You guys reached a billion dollars in seven years. The odds of doing that are zero!” ROLE: Graphic Designer    Creative Director:

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Front of flier for IOWA vs. Purdue Blackout Game to advertise Alma Mater Sweaters. Both schools have black as their base colors. So, during this game the whole stadium looks blacked out, hence… The Blackout Game. ROLE: Creative Director / Designer

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Victoria’s Secret – London, England


For the 2012 Holidays I worked with Adam Newcomb to design the outdoor decorations—silver garland with lights—at the Victoria’s Secret on New Bond Street in London. Photos by Jake Hollands.

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Jack Threads Site Redesign


Does anyone remember when Jack Threads was white? A year into building their community, I became their first Creative Director.  We had 27,000 users. In seven months we grew that to 100,000 users.  This is a significant number, because it was our tipping point in attracting investors, which we did with Thrillist. Our number one

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The above ad was the last ad of our quiet period leading up to the IPO (BV on NASDAQ). Being ‘distinctly human’ is a key component to the BV rebrand personality. This second ad was our safe bet. We ended up running both during the lead-up. ROLE: Assoc. Creative Director / Designer

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Brand messaging/positioning at bazaarvoice required a delicate strategy since buying business insights is a relatively new concept for most businesses, especially ones just getting into social.  We are selling them something that they don’t know that they need yet. Customer Centricity is the heart of these billboards.  “The customer is always right” took on a

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SXSW Venue


For SXSW 2012 bazaarvoice took over the bar Lustre Pearl on Rainey Street, downtown Austin, TX. I wanted to establish a bold symbol that would support our branding efforts to first be used at SXSW, but then could live on and be echoed throughout the bazaarvoice brand.  The blue and green plaid became that symbol.

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JackThreads Daily Sales


The main idea of JackThreads was for boutique brands to unload their off-price merchandise in an online 24-hour-window sale.  Selling this way protected their image from being mixed in with inferior brands (a.k.a. way less cool brands) at a TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, etc. JackThreads was a branding bootcamp.  I usually wouldn’t find what the

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PINK Gift Cards


I would design about 10-15 gift cards for each season, because they were so fun to make; then would spend a week or two deciding which one was the most impulsive. ROLE: Graphic Designer

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North Country


I dedicated a little over a year to being a full time Retoucher. The color correction on this key art was extensive, both on her and the background. At the end I was making 1-4% adjustments on several regions of Charlize’s face. ROLE: Retoucher

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